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Debut Single Released for Charity


Music for a Cause! In light of the global pandemic, I released my debut single, IN MY DREAMS, in April 2020 for charity to help the hungry. According to Feeding America, pre-Covid-19, there were 11,000 food insecure individuals in my county. I was alarmed to learn that 9,000 of those were children. These are kids I see in my community, kids I'm in classrooms with and kids who I cross paths with in my daily life. I had to help. In exchange for a donation to Atlanta Community Food Bank, donors can download my single. In two weeks of the fundraiser launching, over $3,500 was raised which is enough for 14,000 meals. Donations are still being accepted at Play It Forward - Chloe Adona.

IN MY DREAMS is now streaming on all platforms. Get it here!


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